How to Hire a Cleaning Service

The average maid service business is open for less than one year. Think about that for a second. Just imagine if the average grocery store was only open for one year. Or better yet – imagine if the average hospital was open for just one year!

Chaos would certainly be the result. The odds of selecting the right hospital would indeed be slim. Well, that happens in our local Destin cleaning service industry too and it’s not going to change anytime soon. So if you think all it takes is picking up the yellow pages and selecting a housecleaning company – then you’re in for a rude awakening.

But there is good news. Not all cleaning services look the same. Not all maid services act the same. And not all housekeepers close their doors within just twelve short months. To hire the right kind of maid service – just follow these simple steps. home inspector colorado springs

Tip #1 – Only hire bonded and insured professionals. Being properly insured means that your housekeeper protects your home and your valuables in case of breakage or damage. It’s absolutely essential for your housecleaner to have General Liability Insurance. Make sure that the coverage protects your home up to at least $300,000. Being bonded is just as important. More than likely, nothing in your home will be stolen by your maid service. But just in case, you need to make sure that your maid owns a Surety Bond. The bond protects you and your home in case of theft.

Tip #2 – Only hire maids that carry workers’ compensation. This is a requirement. If your maid is cleaning your kitchen and cuts her finger – it’s your responsibility if no workers’ compensation policy is present. The same goes for any injury inside or outside of your home. The car ride from the office to your home is even your responsibility. So make certain that your maid service carries workers’ compensation. Do not hire any cleaning service that won’t provide you with the policy.

Tip #3 – Only hire maids that pass a nationwide criminal background check. Some people don’t hire cleaning service companies. Some people hire individual maids – and that’s fine. But if you do hire an individual maid – conduct your own nationwide criminal background search. Yes, it may cost a little money – but you can not have complete stranger cleaning your home – right? And if you decide to hire a residential cleaning company, make sure that all employees pass the background check. All it takes is for you to ask for proof and it’s the cleaning company’s responsibility to prove that a background check was conducted.

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