Samsung A52S 5g Price & Features


If you are a smart phone addict, Samsung A52s must be your first choice because of its features and functions which are very remarkable. It has been equipped with features like SMS, Internet applications and MMS among many others that are available with other leading phones of same category. With a brand name like Samsung, its other features such as the design, user-friendliness and other add-ons make it more popular than its competitors. The only downside of this mobile phone is that it comes with a rather high price which is rather embarrassing for a normal user who has to pay for most of the features by himself or herself. In order to reduce the cost and at the same time get the best, we have compiled a list of tips to guide you in buying a Samsung A52s .samsung a52 5g

You can buy Samsung A52s for cheap from any mobile shop or outlet which sells cellular phones. You can also buy them directly from Samsung but make sure that the supplier has the chip and rom which can run the Samsung A52s. Samsung A52s price range in Pakistan is beginning fromRs. 62,99 where in Samsung A52S price in UK is ranging from. 70,000. To make the deal sweeter, some online, mobile shops offer free accessories with the purchase of Samsung A52s. In any case, get the latest Samsung mobile phones and save on the monthly service charges.

The major highlight of Samsung A52s is its large display with a big user friendly keyboard and spacious icons. It is equipped with a large user-friendly keyboard that makes it easy to use. Moreover, the large screen size helps to browse through different applications with ease. The Samsung A52s has a powerful rear camera with laser autofocus and image stabilization and has a wide angle optical zoom.

There are a lot of other features like built in memory, fast internet speed, notification LED, and micro SD card for data storage, which makes it all the more enticing. On the other hand, the Samsung SGHaunts have been equipped with a 2 megapixel rear camera and a 2 megapixel front facing camera. Apart from that, the Samsung SGHaunts has a lot of advanced features like a video recording feature, a document viewer, and Microsoft Office is installed. You can buy these mobile phones through Samsung authorized outlets as well as online, mobile stores. You can also find the Samsung A52s on sale on e-commerce websites too.

The Samsung A52 comes with a 1,985 mega pixel Super AMOLED screen which is said to be the best in the industry. The phone also comes with a dual tone LCD touch screen, which is very bright and vibrant. The phone has a large single speaker, which is placed behind the earpiece. A nice quality pair of headphones comes along with the Samsung A52s, along with a charging cable and a micro USB cable. This makes it very easy for you to enjoy your music or videos on the go. You can also get the Samsung A52s in a blue color and black color.

The Samsung A52 comes with a two year service contract and is priced at $400, which is a great deal considering it’s performance. It’s a perfect device to keep in your pockets wherever you go. The best part is that you do not have to worry about over extending your contract because this phone comes with free phones too. So go ahead and buy the Samsung A52s now! You will love it!

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