The OnePlus Nord 2 5g is one such example


The official website of OnePlus Nord is now available for users to buy the second hand version of this smartphone in the form of the Black Ice Verde. This handset has been introduced in the market by Oppo, which is one of the top companies of China. It is powered with a powerful processor, featuring a nice touch screen feature and comes with a nice memory and a large display. The price of this device is around $400. This review will help you in understanding more about the product. OnePlus Nord 2 5G

* This article is for general information only. Actual review might vary from person to person. The review unit I have is the OnePlus Nord 2 5g international version which is provided by Oppo. This phone has been released in some countries earlier by Oppo. It has been equipped with a nice Mediatek skin and runs on a smooth and fast boot.

* In this article we look at the low battery life and the high capacity battery. The One smartphones are popular with netizens because of their high capacity RAM and ROM. This allows the user to run a number of apps and perform multiple tasks without the fear of low battery life. But the One smartphones are also loved by people who have a habit of watching videos and playing games intensively. The OnePlus Nord 2 5g is one such example.

* This device has a decent camera with some good features. It does not come with a external camera port, which means that users will need to buy one to use this camera. There is a special application called Dashboard on the One smartphones which lets the user customize many devices including phones, tablets and watches with a single interface. I have used the OnePlus Nords and have found it to be a decent choice for a smartphone. The price may put some off buying one but there are other devices in the market like the iPhone 6s and the LG G Pro that have almost the same specifications as the OnePlus Nord models.

* The last thing we will mention about the OnePlus Nords is the low mediatek density of its screen. Many smartphone manufacturers have attempted to launch high density smartphone screen to combat what are perceived as high smartphone expenses. However, the low density of the screen is something that cannot be ignored. This low density of the screen makes the text difficult to read even on a 10.1 inch handset. The problem with this is that many people will buy the handset only to return it back to the retailer because they find it difficult to read text on a smartphone with this low density.

The smartphone has some cool features like the dual camera and the multi-tasking capabilities but despite this it does fall short in one major area. The OxygenOS 3.5 operating system that is present on the handset does not support the boot speed of the device. This means that you will experience poor booting speeds no matter how many apps you have installed or how much you download. The OnePlus Nords has an ultra-wide QWERTY keyboard but unfortunately does not have the same standard keyboard as most modern smartphones which limits its usage as a multimedia device.

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